HDPE Fittings

A complete range of fittings is available to provide design flexibility with HDPE pipes.

SHIELD supplies a wide range of fittings used in HDPE piping industry, this range includes fittings butt fusion, electro fusion, injection molded and flange connected fittings.

HDPE Piping System


Types of Fittings

HDPE fittings are fabricated in two major types, molded (injected) fittings and segmented fittings (electro fusion or butt fusion). The difference lies in the method of manufacturing.

  • Molded Fittings are manufactured by injection molding
  • Segmented Fittings are manufactured using HDPE pipes of the same class and standard using automatic welding machines that give no room for error to produce a homogeneous product that is empty of any flaws.

Molded and segmented fittings are manufactured according to ISO 4427, ANSI/AWWA C906 and EN 1519-1 standards.

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HDPE Piping System



Widely used in Water (includes irrigation, drainage, sewerage and potable water), Fire Fighting, and Gas network applications. Manufactured in accordance with ISO & AWWA standards and in compliance with FM and UL directives. Wide range of fittings is available in various sizes and SDRs to ensure flexibility in HDPE Pipes joining.


  • UL listed
  • FM Approved
  • WRAS Certified
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