Welded Steel Pipes (ERW)

These pipes are commonly act as principle element in variety of construction, HVAC & Projects.

Steel Piping System


Welded Steel Pipes (ERW).

Welded pipes are renowned because of their cost effectiveness, flexibility and durability features. These pipes mostly act as main building block in a range of construction projects, fencing Scaffolding and infrastructure projects. Main applications of welded pipes include water pipelines, agriculture & irrigation, sewerage systems, industrial water lines, gas pipelines, firefighting and other non-toxic chemicals flow management.


Manufacturing Process

Welded carbon steel pipes are manufactured with HR Coils. Continuous welding is carried out by a high frequency induction welding machine, The weld bead reinforcement (inside), is removed for certain sizes , if needed. The welded pipes, after cooling, are cut in appropriate length after attaining its roundness and specified outer diameter. The pipes are conveyed for testing and inspection. Hydro testing of pipes is undertaken to detect leaks prior to coating or galvanizing .

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